Click4Btc: 9/14/18 Update 9/14/2018 7:16:28 PM

9/14/18 Update Information

Official update to Click4Btc released on 14.09.2018. Full changelog can be found below:

- Added double quotes to referral links & banners
- Fixed issue with PVP Jackpot stage non-integer costs
- Fixed issue with the reactivation of the account during the login
- Fixed bug with displaying CaptchMe captcha in user settings
- Fixed bug with included rejected payouts request in Maximum paid out amount on withdrawal page
- Fixed bug with saving XRP Wallet address in users settings
- Fixed bug with including rented referrals into direct referrals(AP)
- Added information about being credited for dailymotion videos
- Fixed bug with buying referrals who are already in user upline tree
- Fixed bug with requirements PIN on password reset, when PIN is disabled
- Added option to choose balance (purchase or cash) for PvP Jackpots
- From now rejected payout requests will also return withdrawal fee
- Added new type of end to banner packs - specific day (one banner will be displayed whole day)

These are just the major updates that you may or may not notice. However, we do hope that this makes for a better experience here at Click4Btc! We are constantly working on updates to make this the best site for our Earners and Advertisers! That is why we like to hear feedback and suggestion about changes to the site to help make Click4Btc number 1.

Thank you all for your support! Stay active as there are more great things to come. Click4Btc is here to stay, ready to pay our guest daily!


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