4500+ Members: Updates 8/18/2018 11:33:38 AM

Greetings Click4Btc,

Thank you for being a active member and for all your support.

We have finally fixed some bugs in the system and are working constantly to fix the bugs in the system. Some of the issues that have been fixed or added features are as follows:

1.Bug for Coinpayment deposits
2.Bug with displaying Latest Balance Logs from user dashboard on mobiles
3.Bug with resetting password, when users have secondary password enabled
4.Bug with displaying errors on reset password page
5.Bug with maximum PTC clicks on asurf page

Added Features:
1.Referrer name to video balance logs when you earn from referrer
2.Display cryptocurrencies values panel at the top of site
3.Extended Device Types for CPA/GPT offers with iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad
4. 2 new options to transfer money: Main Balance → Wallets, Wallets → Purchase Balance
5.Updated email validator to be more universal
6.Updated password validator to accept all kinds of passwords
7.Updated AdBlock Manager
8.PVP Jackpot should be running in no more then 3 days so get ready to have some fun!

More great features to come and we really appreciate all of your support.

Grab your referral tools today and start earning even more.

Please let us know if you have any other issues or concerns or any ideas we might have missed.

Regards and happy earning!
Enjoy, Team

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