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Click4Btc Hits 1000 Members,

Great news, requested by our guest, we have given the option for our users to choose what captcha our guest use in our system. Giving you more options to customize your experience here with us. Simply login to your account and go to your setting;  User → Settings. You will find the option to choose what captcha you like under Settings tab.

Likewise, we would like to offer the option to make your profile more you. The new profile update will allow our users to add friends to their profiles and send them private messages. This will allow friends from all over the world to work together and communicate with one another in a fun environment. Therefore, it is fun working with friends and making new ones!

So, let the Click4Btc community grow by bringing in our friends!


Did you know? We offer up to 33% of all your Direct Referrals PTC clicks. That’s right, so if your DR clicks on an ad worth 12 Satoshi, you will get 4 Satoshi. You will get this for the lifetime of the DR. On the contrary, we also have opened rented referrals now that we are growing. So, if you want to Earn even more bitcoin, our Rented Referrals offer up to 66% of their PTC clicks. That’s right, so if your RR clicks an ad worth 12 Satoshi, you will get 8 Satoshi. This is a great way to boost your earning potentials.

Did you know? We offer indirect referral commissions up to 5 levels:

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Lastly, we would like to thank all our active user for their support with this new feature to play games free on Click4Btc. No need to sign up for anything new. We have added an “Entertainment” section now for all your fun needs. You should be able to find the games in this new tab and begin having fun while you earn today!

We apologize for this long message, but we are very excited to offer these new options to our wonderful guest. Hope you are enjoying your time here with us at

Please let us know if you are experiencing any problems with our system and we will be happy to help. We monitor our site daily and thank those who notify us of any issues we may have missed.

Kind Regards,

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