Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I promote my PTP link on Click4Btc?

Paid to promote links from can not be used with Free advertising credits: PTC credits and TE credits.

Why does it take so long to claim bitcoin?

Bitcoin Claim may take longer on some computers due to the power of the PC. We apologize for the delay and are working on a solution.

My PTC ad was deleted and I don't know why?

Please do not upload any URL that is a frame breaker into the PTC or TE system. Likewise, do not upload any offensive or inappropriate material for all ages. To keep the system functioning properply; all ads discovered will be deleted without refund.

How do I transfer my points? 

Login to your account and locate the Money tab in the leftside of user panel. Press the Money tab, then find the Transfer button in the dropdown menu. Click Transfer to move your points to what ever account you like. Click here: Transfer for faster access...

What are PTC Credits and how do I use them?

PTC Credits are points you earn from viewing PTC ads. These credits can then ONLY be used for free advertising in the PTC system. Unlike the TE, you only earn 25% of a point per advertisement viewed.

What is Traffic Exchange Balance?

Traffic Exchange(TE) Balance is only used for the TE system. Instead of earning points, you earn a balance which can then be used for the TE system only and can not be tranferred to any other account. At the moment for promo, TE is 1:1 exchange. 

In advertising, what is CPA/GPT offers for?

Our unique system allows advertisers to create their own custom offers to attract guest to their links. You may post any CPA/GPT offer you may have except Adult material. 

How do I leave a testimonial?

The testimonial page can be found in the People tab of your user dashboard. Please click the People tab and locate the testimonial button. Press this button to leave your testimonial or please click here Testimonial for faster access.


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